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Rock // Yes, Dublin

MPInferno is John, Alan and Gav, a trio of musicians from Dublin. They play instrumental jingles like Don Caballero, jivey weaves like Slint and Shellac, and heavy metal like a punk band would. All their music is played on guitar, drums and bass, like Rage Against the Machine, and not for a single solitary moment does anyone sing, like Rage Against the Machine after Zack left.

A software developer, a movable-type operator and a telecoms engineer, all in various stages of unemployment, for the past 11 months the band have been slaving over hot mixing desks and even hotter printing presses to record and release their first ep - recessionomics.

Printed on cardboard destined for the recycle bin, recessionomics summarises 10 years of the band's creativity in 20 minutes and a nice cardboard sleeve.

recessionomics was recorded in 10 hours in Sun Studios, Dublin, by Lucy Polden and Joey Curran, later mixed by Joey Curran and MPInferno, and latest of all packaged by Graphoplan, 41a Pleasants Street, Dublin.

Immediately prior to recording the ep MPInferno embarked on a 3 year tour of their home town of Dublin. MPInferno have been lent equipment by (and lent equipement to): Sincabezza (France), Korbowod (Poland), Souvaris (UK), Simon And The Ghost (Ireland). It was all returned without undue wear and tear as far as anyone knows, so lets keep it that way.

MPInferno have appeared at The Boom Boom Room (the Room so nice they named it twice), The Ballroom of Romance (twice, cos they know those guys), and the Electric Fix (once... or twice?).

The band are currently in the process of deciding what grade of paper to print the posters for the recessionomics ep launch. More details to follow when a venue/date/acts are confirmed....
Dublin, Wednesday July 22nd 2009 01:07:32.549z