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Mr Heart

Hip Hop // Ennis, Clare // he/him

Mr Heart, (Angelo Heart) is a musician who was born in Australia and raised in Co. Clare. At an early age, Heart became interested in drumming, playing in many groups since childhood, which ultimately led to studying drums professionally at the age of 17 in Melbourne City, Australia. Heart attended Melbourne Polytechnic and was awarded a Certificate III in Jazz and Contemporary Drumming in 2012. Heart was awarded a CPD Diploma in Professional Musicianship in 2016 for Songwriting at BIMM Dublin, and a HND in Music Production at DFEi Dublin in 2018.
Heart’s original work intently reflects his love of genuine moments within relationships and romance, and also explores the tension of when things aren’t working through a lyrical focus that leans into the honesty of hip hop. Instrumentally, Heart’s arrangements consist of Punchy Hip-hop drums composed through vocalisations and beatboxing, combined with harmonically rich chords inspired by Modern Soul/RnB and Neo-soul. Heart sings in a low register over tightly produced and balanced instrumental arrangements with a clear focus on how the recorded music translates to the live performance. Heart also actively produces works with other commercial artists, as well as writing, recording and producing his own music from in Ennis, Co. Clare. Heart’s “You Got a Fire,” was released on the 9th of April 2020 with a video directed by James Shepard. The video features impressive visual effects and dancer Lily Moon. Moving forward Heart plans to release more music videos and to build up a live performance worthy of national touring.

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