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Music Plus Fire

Alternative // Lurgan, Armagh

We often hear singer-songwriters speak of the desire to write as something beyond love. A deep-seated passion that requires and, indeed, inspires catharsis, relief, release...It then follows, for many musicians, that a different kind of release is needed for the completed song, and Lurgan’s Chris Molloy is the latest to step into the domain of melodic soul-baring via his new project MusicPlusFire....his songs are imbued with the sentiments of the life and struggles of a smalltown musician, and he won’t be short of support, with his bandmates and friends part of a vibrant, confident music scene that has been given another reason to be proud of itself in his debut album. Mark Casey - Writer

....many albums, where no sound is accidental, no beat off, no event unanticipated, have the underwhelming ability to nullify the senses and fail in their proposed capture of the imagination. Fortunately, “Equals Exploding Heart” does not fall into this category. It almost appears as if the recording has a fourth dimension. One that nostalgic music fanatics may fondly attribute solely to the vinyl experience. It is this facet that permits the senses to absorb the strum of each chord and the resonance of each haunting vocal with a natural ease that should be commended. Jude Allen Quinn - Quinnterland

Music Plus Fire's debut mini-album is available for download at their Bandcamp link.