My Other Accent

Athenry, County Galway

Athenry based indie four piece My Other Accent are due to release their debut album Black Economy in March 2014. The band is comprised of Michael Dillon on guitar and vocals, Mick Rogers on keyboard and vocals, Paul Mahony on bass and vocals and Adam Feeney on drums. Asked about what the album will sound like the lead singer and one half of the song writing team Michael Dillon described it as being like a cross between Beck and Barry Manilow. Mick Rogers, the other collaborator throws further confusion
by mentioning Supertramp! Commentators have, perhaps more accurately, likened the music to bands like
Fleet Foxes, Grant Lee Buffalo and R.E.M. Certainly the use of harmonies call to mind such groups, while the literary references in the songs – Yeats’ Sailing to Byzantium informs the title of one of the songs, No Country – are resonant of The Doors and The Smiths.

The album will go on general release in March. The first single, Day and Age, will be available to download from February 16th.

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