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Electronica // Dublin, Dublin

The story begins in 1998 in my hometown Barcelona when I discovered electronic music for the first time listening Orbital in a friend’s Compact disc. Glorious technology!
Since then, I just wanted to play and create those beats, it was then around 1999, when I was finally able to buy my first pair of turntables. A very cheap brand, enough to give me confidence and be able to play in house parties. Around 2001, I got a second hand Roland MC-303 drum machine, which was my little companion in my early production times.

Musically speaking, in my stage of learning to mix, I grew up in a really active electronic music scene, just when classic styles such, electropop, synthpop and italodisco reborned in the form of other modern genres and took Europe by storm between 2000 and 2006.
These music styles and genres were key in my learning as they were tremendous influence on my current style.
It was when during this period I got my first residency in a Barcelona city centre club called Rita Blue and played in different venues such Mochima and Co2.

In 2007 I decided to move to Dublin where I participated in small festival called: Summer sound Festival and started also to lead my own parties under the name: Electrik Soul nights.

A few years later, in 2010, I got residency in a Dublin city centre pub called, Shebeen Chic, just right after management and staff liked my performance in a private party.
At the same time, I met another dj who was running an online radio, CGI, Clubbers Guide Ireland, who a year later offered me a weekly slot in the radio. Since then and for two years I was running my own show.

In 2015, JOSΞKΔSΞK & myself, we joined forces and we created, Totally Different Buzz, with the idea to bring the Barcelona clubbing essence to the Dublin nightlife with Nu-Disco and Electro Pop music genres. Nowadays TDB is currently running at Wigwam club.

Music Styles: Disco, Nu-Disco, Electro pop, Electro Funk, Techno Pop, and Techno.

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