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Nancy Kate

Folk // Dublin // she/her

Irish alternative folk artist Nancy Kate seamlessly weaves elements of modern Irish folk, Americana, and roots rock into her music, while also showcasing a love for global influences. Her distinctive style plays with textures, rhythm, and time signatures, offering a fresh perspective on folk music that continually surprises and captivates audiences.

Born in Dublin, Nancy Kate grew up in a creative family. Learning the piano at the age of six sparked her lifelong interest in music, and beginning singing lessons at the age of ten taught her how to express her feelings using her voice as a tool. Thus began a journey of self-discovery spanning multiple genres, all of which inform Nancy Kate's musical style, songwriting, and vocal performance to the present day. Her whimsical visual aesthetic combines with her unique textural palate to create an eccentric and engaging world to dive into.

Her debut EP, “Above The Water” is an introspective but expansive exploration of self-image, navigating interpersonal relationships, and finding one’s place in the world, all set to a backdrop of fuzzy synths, mellow piano, and evocative strings. The lush soundscapes are instilled with a driving rhythm from acoustic guitar and propulsive drums, and dulcet melodies provide a vessel for words of contemplation and quiet self-expression. Hot on the heels of her debut EP's success, her next single "Sticky", an infectious blues song with a samba-inspired twist, is scheduled for release on November 10th. The song's experimental structure and expressive vocal performance paint a narrative that is fun and flirtatious, compelling listeners to hit replay again and again.