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Natural B

Other // Clondalkin, Dublin // Natural B

"Yo, have you caught wind of Natural B? Man, I've been on a wild ride, from the highs of making my mark as a rising artist to wrestling with the lows of battling depression and addiction. It's been a journey, no doubt. But you know what's been my anchor through it all? Music. Music saved me when nothing else could. Even in my darkest moments, I found solace in creating and sharing my vibes with the world.

I've held onto my passion for music through thick and thin, and guess what? I'm just getting started. Can't wait to unveil what's next for me, and you better believe it's going to be something special. The excitement is real, and I'm pumped to see where this musical journey takes me.

You can catch the evolution of my sound from the raw energy of tracks like 'Unleash' to the smooth RnB vibes of 'WBBF' and then dive into the Afrobeat flavors of 'How Are You' and 'More Fire'.

If you want to get a taste of where I'm at right now, hit play on my latest release, 'Calendar'. It's more than just a song; it's a reflection of where I'm at at this very moment.

I'm not the loudest voice in the room, but I always have something to say, you know? And I choose to channel it all into my music. So, keep

an ear out for what's coming next. I'm just getting started, and there's a lot more of my story to be told through these songs."

Upcoming Gigs

25th May 2024 01:00 Red cup summer festival More details
26th May 2024 16:00 Afrobeat FEST Dublin