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Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Tim O'Donovan, aka Neosupervital, makes pop music for dancing and related activities.

He's currently working up the 3rd album, provisionally titled 'Transporter'

He's shared the stage with the likes of Human League, Money Mark, Kimya Dawson, ABC, and Bob Log III.

Live shows forthcoming...

Reviews for 2nd album ‘Battery Power’:

“Often augmenting his synth-laden sound with fuzzy guitar, O’Donovan’s ear for a cracking melody is as sharp as ever, and immediately obvious on surprisingly uncynical disco stompers like There’s Only This Time, Sun Goes Down and the insanely catchy Do What You Feel.

With his talent for amusing lyricism also in evidence – check out Slow Motion’s deadpan lament on the speed of modern life – there’s more than enough here to keep the faithful happy” Sunday Business Post

“…has a contemporary dancefloor suss…infectious, high-gloss glitter-pop…is there anybody out there who knows their way around a good synthpop tune better than Tim O’Donovan?” The Star

“…leaving you hungry for more after the mirrorball stops spinning…fusing classic disco melodies with electronic laptop wizardry.” Hot Press

“it’s full of synth-tastic gems that make me want to shake my booty on a dancefloor. Ridiculously catchy, in the best way possible.”

“DISCO INFUSED power pop is what Neosupervital does and on second album Battery Power, he does it effortlessly and brilliantly. In just 34 minutes NSV delivers a set of cracking, retro-futurist, pop, thoroughly 1980s, yet strangely contemporary as well…it has what it takes to be killing them on the dancefloors, and not just at the indie discos.

Tim writes infectious and smart pop. If it was 1984, he would be huge, but it seems he will have to be content with retaining a loyal cult following. Still, Battery Power deserves to be widely heard.” Galway Advertiser

“Battery Power is an album for fans of 80′s movie themes and feel good one hit wonders…It may be a guilty pleasure for many, but shouldn’t be viewed as such, as Neosupervital is a quality songwriter and deserves to recognised as such. Not just celebrated by drunken hordes on the dance floor.”

“sounds like a marriage of Reznor and Sheilds, it’s quite beautiful actually”

“…a sunshine ray of layered catchy chorus, simple riffs and sweet synths…a profoundly serious work of fluff. Heavily influenced by ’80s pop superstars from Depeche Mode to Talk Talk, it’s unashamedly of an era.

Teen movie power-pop anthems ‘Be Who You Want’ and ‘Sun Goes Down’ almost certainly soundtracked Michael J Fox doing something. And the darkness of the decade’s alt-synth movement creeps into the mix with the heavier ‘Sky Is Higher’ and the French/English mishmash of ‘Distant Light’.
A guilty pleasure perhaps, but you’re a liar if you don’t feel the need to dance at least once and, to be honest, Neosupervital is a dirty little secret you really don’t mind sharing.”