County Mayo

Nerves are a Post-Rock / Noise band from the West of Ireland, currently based in Dublin.
Their music blend influences from Shoegaze, Math Rock and Post-Punk to create a sound that moves from ethereal beauty to abrasive claustrophobia in the blink of an eye.
They began as a band in 2016, playing DIY punk shows around their home counties of Mayo and Galway before moving to Dublin in late 2017. After this move the band began relentlessly gigging around the country and building up a reputation as an intense live act, all the while slowly evolving their sound from it's simple origins to a more chaotic and contorted structure. After spending the majority of 2020 writing new material, the band have reached their most mature and unique sound thus far.

"‘Time Trial’ is a fantastic display of instrumental prowess from Nerves as they present a heavy aggressive sound filled with bruising post punk elements mangled between distortion and fuzz." - Indie Buddie

"A collision of post-punk, noise and indie-pop, Nerves latest offering, ‘Faces’, moves from raucous verse to bone-rattling choruses in the blink of an eye, all the while showcasing the trio’s keen eye for melody in loudness." - The Last Mixed Tape

"Sharp raw guitars relentlessly rip and slice through the thick agitated atmosphere while the bass chaotically slaps and rumbles with fiery endurance throughout. Building to a massive chorus and frenzied crescendo aggressive vocals spit venom and disgust against a harsh, dizzying soundscape dripping in distortion and acid." - Indie Buddy.

"Slow Drive has a bruising distorted baseline, Girl Band-esque guitars (not a surprise considering Dan Fox of Girl Band mixed this single) and pummelling drums. It packs a wallop and shows that Nerves need not have any anxiety about their prospects." - Golden Plec

“'Slow Drive' builds on that promising introduction with a slick AF moody guitar and heavy bass intro. Here Nerves summon the new wave dark-rock sounds of the likes of Depeche Mode, INXS and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It's a gloriously enjoyable track which seeps out effortless cool from multiple points, peaking with the grating distortion of the riff at 2:58, the two singles to date suggest something big could be in the offing for the band before long. “ - REMY

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