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Indie // Holywood, Down

"an outstanding performer. Her warm rich and rasped tone has a deeper more resounding depth than most of her singer songwriter counterparts" - Danu, Indie Buddie

nicha is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Holywood, Northern Ireland. Having grown up listening to Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley her music and writing is heavily influenced by these legends. More recently inspiration stems from hip hop, pop and electronic influences drawing on artists such as Loyle Carner, Jack Johnson, Tash Sultana, Moloko and Bonobo. She creates a warm and easy-listening atmosphere in her performance whilst putting passion into her writing in the hope that her songs will connect with her audience.

Her aim with her music is to send a message and create songs that people will think about. A lot of inspiration for her writing comes from her own personal experiences and struggles as well as those of friends and family. Recently nicha has been writing about technology, environmental issues, mental health and the world as it is around us. She wants to help people with her music and draw awareness to current issues we face day to day in a powerful yet easy-listening way.

Her next single 'Devices' is being released on the 9th of July. Devices is a song to remind us how important it is to let go of what we see online and to remember what’s real. It’s so easy to get sucked into the world behind the black mirror. It can be dangerously convincing in making the lives of others seem perfect, but we need to remember to take a step back and realise what is reality.

nicha wrote this song after going through a stage of being seriously addicted to her phone, “I’d get anxious if I didn’t have it on me, I’d feel it vibrate or hear a ping and no one would be there… spooky, I know. Technology can be powerful and educational, bringing us together especially in strange times like these but as I’m sure many will agree, it’s easy to waste time using it for the wrong reasons.”

Devices shows the quality and purity of nicha’s writing and musical abilities. She’s set the bar high with her debut single but this is just a taste of what’s to come from this exceptional up and coming artist.