Nightless Days

Lucan, County Dublin

Some 3 Years ago Seamus (lead vocals) and Aidan (lead guitar) friends from college came together to try and create songs from the writings which Seamus had produced arising from severe personal circumstances.

Having worked for over 18 months Seamus and Aidan had developed a substantial catalogue of songs comprised of heartfelt lyrics combined with Aidan’s experience of rock and country music. The guys took to playing in numerous Dublin venues in an acoustic arrangement and now in the past number of months have hooked up with previous collaborators of Aidan’s. Brother’s Darren (base) and Stephen (drums) were introduced to bring their experience to the set up and ensure that the songs could be recorded and delivered to a larger audience.

Their hope is that they can effectively deliver their stories through song where the rough edge adds character and longevity to their hard work.

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