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Experimental // Arklow, Wicklow // she/her

NIMF is an Irish performance artist.

Selected as an Artist in Keychange 2022 as a future leader in the music industry.

NIMF has conjured a non-material territory, cries and calls that are at once xenolithic and
eschatological, a death drive as an alien agency hidden in the most Delphic arteries of
catacombs of her casualty’s psyche, weaving The Oneiricological Sirenoscape.

ætherphone, retrogressive sample use, and electroacoustic soundscapes. Inspired by weird
fiction, béaloideas, and musicians Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson and the theoretical writings of
Genesis P-Orridge.

NIMF’s music has been picked as RTÉ 2FM Track of the Week. Featured on Gorilla Vs.
Bear, Sirius XM, The Guardian and performed in venues across Ireland, with highly
anticipated music to come.