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Experimental // Arklow, Wicklow // she/her

NIMF (Aoibhín Redmond) is an Irish performance artist. Selected for Keychange 2022 as a female artist and future leader in the music industry, NIMF’s ‘A Ballad for Looking into Time’ was rated as Number 1 Track of the Year by The Thin Air Magazine. NIMF has been picked as Dan Hegarty's The Alternative RTÉ 2FM Track of the Week, featured on RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta, The Thin Air, Bandcloud, Kirkos Ensembles' Spatial Audio Concert, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Sirius XM, The Guardian, and has performed in venues across Ireland, recently performing in Gallery X, Dublin, and abroad at Different Sounds Festival, Poland. Having just completed a Master's in Music and Media Technology in Trinity College Dublin, NIMF explores the concept of the uncanny and horror in music and audiovisual mediums.

NIMF has conjured a non-material territory. Cries and calls that are at once xenolithic and eschatological. A death drive as an alien agency hidden in the most Delphic arteries of catacombs of her casualty’s psyche, weaving The Oneiricological Sirenoscape. Portraying the uncanny through ætherphone, retrogressive sample use, and electroacoustic soundscapes.

"a rare phantasmic feat… That port in the storm-like energy feels like a constant in NIMF’s output to date. Unfurling in myriad directions, it doubles up as an invitation to drop out of the everyday in favour of tapping the wellspring of one’s mind.” - Brian Coney of The Thin Air

“whimsical dreamworld as a haven for exploring darker, heavier themes” -Gorilla Vs. Bear

"the world and the galaxies that surround it need artists that push the boundaries like Nimf.” -MP3Hugger

"It’s dizzying, fantastical, carrying your ears to spaces unexpected and delightful" -Bandcloud

“Become swept into the magical forest-like landscape… you have entered a portal to an ancient world of otherworldly creatures, one you thought only existed in folklore and fairytales; and a deep sense of eerie unease sets in” -Music’n’Gear

“Her music brings you deep into the woods and leaves you there to dream and get lost in nature” -Fruitsonic