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Pop // Bundoran, Donegal

NoLady come from Donegal, Ireland. The band was formed early in 2009 by four professional musicians, all veterans of the music scene in the Northwest. Aine O' Doherty is the lead vocalist. Aine, who was a solo singer-songwriter has been performing as 'Onya' for the past six years. She has a long history of success as a solo performer, including appearances at SXSW in '09 and '08, gigs in Los Angeles, New York, festival performances, radio and TV at home and abroad, and songwriting awards.After her return from the USA, Aine went to work with several songwriters, including David Morgan & Billy Fitzgerald, and with Gareth Mannix' superb production, a new direction was inspired. In early 2009, Aine put 'NoLady' together with Billy Fitzgerald of 'The Dead Flags', Kevin Lowery of 'The Mirenda Rosenberg Band' and Michael McGrath of 'Inuendo'. NoLady made their debut at the SeaSessions Festival in June '09, with a blistering set, a soon to be released single titled'Little Diva'.Nolady were delighted to be chosen for the '09 HWCH showcases, and played The Academy at 8pm Friday October 16th.- described by one reviewer as 'the most energetic performance of HWCH'. Nolady also opened the TOYS FOR BIG BOYS show at the RDS. The band are currently writing further material for the debut album and will be releasing an EP in early 2010.