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Pop // Dublin

Beats, synths, guitars, harmony, neon lights!

We are an ElectroPop trio. We first met in school and have been writing together ever since.
We started this electronic adventure in a small room in Bowlane studios (which has since been demolished). At the time we had no experience with DAWs (digital audio workstations) and previously lived in the realm of rock and acoustic arrangements. The past few years we have been developing our production skills and exploring sound with our new toolset. Our sound has been formed by our journey and is still influenced by our acoustic/rock past. Our 2nd EP, 'BowLane Days' can be heard on Spotify and SoundCloud.
We recently programmed a lighting show in addition to the live set. The lighting style was high energy and contrast. So the brights were bright and the darks were dark. So much so that we couldn't see our instruments during the dark parts during our first show with the lights! This inspired us to incorporate glow in the dark and UV lights as part of the new set up. Which has formed our ever-evolving image.
Originally we set out in this project to be anonymous. For multiple reasons, one of which was wanting to make it solely about the sound. This proved to be challenging as we all sing and when singing, it was difficult to hide our faces.
With the new lights and neon paint, we have been able to externalise our image and still be ourselves. It feels like our image is art again, just like the sound.

Get in touch:
bowlanemusic @ gmail