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Indie // Dublin

NO PHOTOS is a five-piece Dublin band formed in late 2021. In less than half a year, they self-wrote, produced and published their debut mixtape in summer 2022; they are now rolling out their newest EP project starting with Exhausted. NO PHOTOS is Zach Okay (vocals), Casper Ivy (vocals/guitar), Erik Konijn (guitar/producer), Vi (drummer producer), and Jack Farrell (bass).

NO PHOTOS started writing and recording music right out of the gate, and their first few singles caught the attention of music magazines and taste-makers such as Hot Press and Nialler9. While their debut mixtape saw them explore a wide variety of genres and sounds, their newest work sees them refine their sound to a unique twist on indie-pop and alt-rock. With catchy guitars, creative percussion and sleek production, Can This Change? sees NO PHOTOS at their best yet.