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Norberto Loco

EDM // Carlow, Carlow

Introducing the phenomenal DJ Norberto Loco, a true legend in the world of electronic music. Renowned for his extraordinary talent and unyielding passion, Norberto Loco holds the prestigious Guinness World Record for the longest DJ marathon, an incredible feat of non-stop mixing spanning an astounding 200 hours. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this unbeaten record, DJ Norberto Loco continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his unparalleled skills.

A globetrotting maestro, Norberto Loco has left an indelible mark on the international music scene, gracing clubs and festivals across the globe. With a magnetic presence on the big room and mainstage, he seamlessly navigates the realms of techno, hype techno, and psy trance, leaving crowds electrified with each performance. His undeniable talent has earned him a coveted spot as a regular DJ at the renowned UMF Ultra festival for the past five years, solidifying his status as a true icon in the world of electronic dance music. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with DJ Norberto Loco, where beats meet boundless energy, and the dance floor becomes an unforgettable spectacle.

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