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Norma Manly

Other // Tipperary

Norma Manly is a singer songwriter from Co Tipperary. Her songwriting journey began with long summer evenings and dark winter nights washed away with the sounds of jazz, blues and soul.
Norma is creating intense, melodic and timeless sounds evoking jazz singers of old infused with blues and soul while constantly attempting to add innovative artistic flourishes that set it apart bringing the past, the now and the future.

Norma's first EP entitled Blue captures a refinement and progression of her sound without losing any of the passion that she brings to her live shows.

With a baptism of fire to gigging and production Norma's first single and title track Blue, see's Norma lay down a 21st century Patsy cline her voice cocooned in dreamy layers of sound.
Kick in shows Norma on a hot and sultry lazy jazz infused afternoon. Concrete city show's her studio progression.