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Not I

Punk // Dublin

Not I is the project of Dublin based musicians Ian Meagher (drums/vox) and Thomas O'Reilly (guitar/vox). The pair have been playing together in various bands since 2011 but finally hit their sound and stride with this two man force of nature.

Being something of a noise-rock band, with an emphasis on the precise, they draw on a wide range of influences from Steve Reich to The Microphones, and Wipers, and everything else outside and in-between. With a minimalist aspect, the band sculpt the visceral and raw into the torn seam of guitar music, complimented by dark, gut-wrenching vocals and surprising melodies. The idiosyncrasies of their sound are most felt when the humming and wailing baritone punctures through the din, creating an addictive musical arch that leaves the listener craving more.

Taking their name from the Beckett play, and feeling as two people thoroughly at odds with the contemporaneous, each track offers a glimpse at their tumultuous relationship with the everyday, offering just as many biting observations on pointless repetition as profound explorations of the most human parts of our psyche.
Under the noise there is certainly something there.

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