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Olive Hatake

Electronica // Kildare // He / him

Electronic producer and performer Olive Hatake’s debut album Life Of Colour (“one of the underrated Irish albums of 2022”, Nialler9) was an introspective view of his personal development and growth throughout the period of its creation. Cataloguing the downfalls of being an upcoming artist along with the joy of being free to make art, it is a therapeutic sonic journey of his epiphany in finally being able to accept the lessons life teaches us.

The accompanying visual album was due to Olive's love for the arts, his obsession with colour and the idea that sometimes in order to understand a story in its entirety you need to watch or see it. This informed the exhibition and short film that accompanied the album, bringing the album's subtexts to life. The beauty in these external visual pieces is that they offered the perspective of other artists from within the Hidden Hill collective, taking inspiration from the music while relating it to their own battles and journeys. This full length project followed 2021's Bandersnatch and Boring Art? EPs, the latter a audio visual collaboration with the National Gallery. A two track companion piece Life Without Colour followed with the likes of Jenny Greene championing this most inventive of artists.

He released ‘1975’, his first music of 2023, in April and returned in July with the two track Summertime In Ireland Tapes - premiered on BBC Radio 1 Introducing. Having made his live debut at last year's Ireland Music Week, he will release a second album later in the year via US distributor Seed. 'YOUNG & DUMB', the lead single, will be released on April 19th.

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