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Olivia Emade

Alternative // Portlaoise, Laois

Olivia Emade is a young female Irish artist in her 20s. Her sound is unique and doesn’t adhere to one genre. She always believed she would be an R&B artist but once she started writing and entered the studio for the first time, what was produced was completely different. Her rich melodies allow listeners to dance and sing their hearts out, with lyrics that are catchy and speak truths. She falls into the stem of Alternative POP genre. She is inspired by artist like Ariana Grande, Sondae, Lauryn Hill, and furthermore, The Weeknd.

From the age of 4, Olivia took part in musicals for 11 years. She took on the part of Glinda in Wicked, Mitchie in Camp Rock and many other roles which enriched her love for not only singing but performing. During these years, she took up singing lessons in Midland School of Music becoming a trained singer. She was a Semi-Finalist for the Junior Eurovision on RTE, 2015. The passion for singing was strong in her life way before she decided to start making music.

She posted covers on her YouTube and her Instagram (@oliviawithvocals), and then in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to write her first song and work with her best friend (her producer). After the release of her debut single “Are You at Home” in October 2021, the feedback was great, and she continued to work hard to create more. Writing and creating melodies never heard before, enlightens her to continue. Stay tuned to watch her unique style and strong voice be known more and more, everywhere around the world.

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