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Mishael Graham (born April 17, 1990), better known by his stage name #OMG! (formerly Mysta Graham), is a Barbadian Hip Hop/Pop Recording Artist from Welches, St. Thomas (Parish/Province in Barbados). He was first known locally for his debut Mixtape 'A Letter to Cash Money' which was sent to Young Money President, Dwayne Carter (Lil Wayne) back in Summer 2008. Even though the project wasn't marginally recognized due to him being a debutant in the hip hop world and from a city not situated in the USA, he gained a significant following on Facebook through routinely sharing his music and networking.

#OMG! began rapping in 2007, while living with his Father's Sisters' family between Nelson Street, Bridgetown and Rockley Terrace, Christ Church. He said, "due to them being a christian family and being placed under pressure to find employment, I began listening to Notorious B.I.G & 2Pac when i felt like all was lost or depressed about my living arrangements and family. I understood their struggle and i found it easy to relate to their story. It was from there i started composing verses, not songs but verses of everything going on in my life, that dampened my spirit as a teenage adolescent".

2009 looked promising for the then Mysta Graham. His year started out with a performance at the Barbados Music Awards. He performed for the likes of Joe Jackson, Fantasia, Music Industry Executives and Lawyers, which all publicly lauded him for his showcase of talent and how unique he looked, sounded and performed on stage. It was later quoted by the local Nation Newspaper what was said by Joe Jackson and Brian Dickens when interviewed by reporters. "Never let anyone make more money than you from your music if you are responsible for your creativity. His style is unique. Focus more on your Publishing Mysta Graham".

In the Summer of 2009, he was booked for his 1st overseas booking to Trinidad. After his return he was drafted in as a featured guest performer at the local Hip Hop Festival, where he continued to show his improvements and advancement in the local music arena.

In March 2010, #OMG! began working on his debut album titled "GraMystic". It was this project that featured his 1st commercial Single "Gettin' Paid" which was launched in Canada & England on local Pop Radio Stations. "RockSteady Baby" featuring Capone, followed next as the 2nd Single off the Album. In an effort to promote his New Album, he sponsored the Island Queen Competition, a local Bikini Model show in Barbados. He released a Pre-Album Cd in which he sold over 1000 copies in two months of foot hustling from Gas Station to Gas Station, Supermarket to Supermarket, the City and most villages and towns in Barbados. To date, the 'GraMystic' Album haven't been released but is scheduled for a 2014 release worldwide with the help of a few good people that have become very interested in #OMG! and his potential to be a Great Entertainer and Entrepreneur.

Presently he's working on a new Mixtape project titled 'The RealNESS' which will be released in Winter 2013/2014 season.

He is sure worth the listen and to all Industry Personnel or Investors, now's the time to work with #OMG! Still undiscovered talent and self-motivated to attain and achieve dynamic success.

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