Orwells '84

Dundalk, County Louth

Like a phoenix formed from the ashes of 2015, Orwells ’84 are a unique musical outfit based in Dundalk. With a huge variety of musical influences ranging from David Bowie, Guy Garvey and Nick Cave to the Libertines, the Arctic Monkeys and Led Zeppelin, the band have created a unique indie folk sound that has caught and held attention at every turn. Since their formation, they have shown a confidence in both the style and deliverance of their music, both live and while recording.

Just to the cause Orwells '84 have released an EP, "Truth is the First Victim" in late 2019. An exploration of the human existance through love, loss, hope and happiness, the EP has been widely accepted amoung critics and audiences alike.

The band are currently planning a debut album which they hope to bring to a wider audience and attract attention from those in the industry who share in the vision, the art and the music.

Orwells ’84 was originally Damien, who was joined by John (bass guitar) and Seán (lead guitar/bouzouki/backing vocals) in late 2016. The following year brought about the addition of strings and more vocals in the form of Ella (cello/harmonium/backing vocals) and Zoë (violin/backing vocals). 2018 brought about Pauric (drums) and the current Orwells lineup was complete. With such a large band, one might assume that there is simply a wall of sound. This isn’t the case, however. The band have spent countless hours crafting a unique and identifiable sound in both their songwriting and musicianship.

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