Oswald Green

County Mayo

Fresh from the bogs of Mayo, emerged a young Oswald Green. A wirey character to say the least but the lord save us and bless us! he was a fat fu*ker of a baby. So much so that he was untimely ripped from his mothers womb, due to an incident of him trying to top himself with the umbilical cord.
Now he can kill Macbeth.
(Doesnt really prove the fact I was a fat)

He started playing music once his brother showed him how to play "Wonderwall" on guitar. He then developed an addiction to music. After playing in a lot of coverbands he grew tired of playing other peoples music and the whole thing guitarists have of measuring how good they are by playing other peoples solos. So he went to study sound engineering, where he learned a load more about the different characterists of music and sounds.

He then went, "Forget you" and started writing music by himself (as bands tend to f up friendships). With the help of what knowledge his course taught him, he started to get into electronic music. And still tries to understand the elements of electronic music and acoustic environments.

Anyway, enough of the bull. I hope you like my music and thank you if you do.
If you would like to hear more please visit this link: http://soundcloud.com/oswaldgreen

Have a good day


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