Owen Brady & the Blue Shakes

Dublin, County Dublin

Owen Brady has been making music since age 9 when he recorded his first solo album with the Irish Chamber Orchestra for the Warner Brothers label which led to another solo album before the age of 12 with the RTÉ Philharmonic.
Owen went on to perform around the world with many different bands and musical groups in a variety of styles and genres from jazz to classical. In 2003 he graduated from UCD wth a B.A, (hons) and a Bachelor of Music (hons). Shortly after Owen was signed to Sony BMG and EMI publishing house and recorded his debut album as a singer/songwriter. Music from this release was used on the Sex and the City Orginal Motion Picture soundtrack.
In 2011, searching for his own independent sound, Owen cut ties from the major labels and teamed up with Dublin based musician and producer Kevin Whyms to begin work on a new project. Brady and Whyms put together a 7 piece blues‘n soul outfit, bringing in Dublin big band drummer Paul Byrne, and Japanese composer/bassist Yoshi Izumi as well as a horn section. The new music recorded live, is a vibrant mix of rhythms, horns and tasty guitar- driven by a powerful, soulful vocal performance from Brady. The Blue Shakes are one of the very few original bands around today with a horn section.
Their latest EP, released in November 2013 by Remember Me Records, is co-produced by Brady and Whyms. The album is due in early 2014.

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