Dublin City, County Dublin

Laptop songwriter from Dublin. Sometimes, he layers and loops his favourite tunes and sings over the top.
Other times he makes tracks like a hip hop producer and sings like a soul man.

Live, P-Dog teams up with his brother for a set that mixes laptop beats, live electronics and sweet fraternal harmonies. Gigs have included supports for international acts like Dan le Sac v Scroobius Pip (UK) and Plastic Little (USA) (both Foggy Notions gigs), to slots in Dublin venues like Anseo (for the Hefty Horse crew), the George Bernard Shaw (Attention Bebe) and the Thomas House (EXIT).

P-Dog's music is featured in the documentary film "Kenny Egan: Back from Beijing" (Donal Scannell, 2008).

P-Dog's alter ego Patrick Wall is studying for a masters in music and media technology in Trinity College Dublin.

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