paddy Mulcahy

Lahinch, County Clare

Paddy Mulcahy is a Clare based musician who lives and writes in Lahinch
Co. Clare. He is heavily interested in community music and in the last few years ran
the local music youth project in North Clare and was awarded volunteer of the year in 2008 by the Clare Youth Service for his work.
During this time he also ran the music stage at the Ennistymon Family Festival
for which he was awarded “best artist management” by A.O.I.F.E. (Association of Irish Festival Events)

He has also been awarded a masters Ethnomusicology from the Irish World
Music Academy at the University of Limerick and subsequently
released 2 albums mixing Irish and Kurdish music which he toured all over
Ireland and Europe with the group "NoLand Folk".

This will be his first album totally dedicated to his own work and he has assembled
a diverse group of musicians and personalities for the task of recording the aptly named "Trouble Instigator".

The album mixes folk music and classical arrangements with gritty lyrics that are masked in melody. Musicians include violinist Fiona Lucia Mc Garry, backing singers, Julie and Branwen Kavanagh, Electric guitarist David Knox and the rhythm section of Liam O Boyle and Conor Tuohy. The theme of the album is social upheaval and songs range from gothic and gospel description of a mythical Limerick city to a translation of a Victor Jara nursery rhyme. The song “Trouble Instigator” itself is focused on various agitators throughout history and their race against time to fulfill their task against certain impending doom. With a back round in world music, many of his influences come from around the world including Serge Gainsborough (France), Victor Jara (Chile) and Leonard Cohen (Canada). He will be embarking on a long Irish and European tour from March to promote the album and will be playing concerts everywhere from Berlin in the east to Ennistymon in the west over the coming months.

I Am a very hard working dude and if ever i could do with the support from the HWCH its this year as I am legitimately trying to establish myself as a touring musician,
Heres a list of the stuff ive done so Far this year!!!!!!

• Organized 20 date nationwidetour

• Recorded and released album

• Set up website, breakingtunes and facebook accounts

• Recorded 2 music videos

• Appeared on Balcony T.V. Paris and full French tour including concerts in Paris and Brittany

• Currently booking Irish tour in September and American tour in November

Was played on Sweet Oblivion by Aoife Barry on RTE 2XM

Limerick 95fm morning Saturday morning show by John Predergast

liffey soundfm Monday moonshine

The Baggy Jumper on Shannonside Northernsound 94-98fm Brian Murphy Monahan

The Unsigned Chart Show (WDAR 96FM),

Sean Donnellan, c103 radio,

Eoin O Neil clare FM Sunday morning programme,

Have had articles on me in

The galway advertiser,

the clare people.

Limerick leader

The evening echo

Paddy Mulcahy est un musicien qui vit et ecrit a Lahinch, dans la comté de Clare. Il est vivement intéressé en musique de communauté. Recemment, il a conduis un groupe de musique destiné au jeunes locaux. Ses efforts lui ont permis de recevoir le titre de bénevole de l'année par le (CLARE YOUTH SERVICE)
Durant ce meme projet, il organisait aussi l'aspect musical du "Ennistymon Family Festival", pour cela il a aussi recu le titre de "BEST ARTIST MANAGEMENT" par A.O.I.F.E (l'association de festivals irlandais)

Il a aussi recu un diplome en Etnomusicologie de (Irish world music academy) a L'université de limerick et depuis a sortit deux albums mixant la musique Kurde et Irlandaise. Il a fait sa tournée an Irlande at en Europe.

Cet album sera le premier dedié a sa propre musique et il a reuni un groupe tres varié de musicien pour enrgistrer ce qu'il appelera "trouble instigator"

Avec ses études en musiques du monde, beaucoup de ses influences viennent d'a travers le monde comme Serge Gainsbourg (france), Victor Jara (Chili) et Leonard Cohen (Canada), venant d'un pays avec tellement de musique traditionelle, cela aussi a beaucoup d'influence sur sa musique.
Pour celebrer cette diversité d'influences dans sa musique, il espere sortire son nouvel album a Arazon, Bretagne. (ville jumelle a Lahinch) le jour de la Saint Patrick 2011 et ensuite embarquer sur une tournée Francaise avant de reyourner et sortir l'album en Irlande.
Il a deja travaillé a Arazon étant adolescent et y est retourné pluieurs fois pour des rencontres depuis 10 ans et il a tres hate de revenir pour cet evenement!

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