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Pamela Tully

Pop // Dublin

A brain tumour diagnosis in the middle of the pandemic with a real possibility of having speech complications as a result of brain surgery led to taking chances, realising dreams and not taking no for an answer, Pamela Tully is a singer song writer from Kilnamanagh in Dublin, who has finally decided that now is the time to bring her music to life.

Citing Rock Pop, with a nod to Lady Antebellum thrown in for good measure as the inspiration behind this song she has just released her debut single Battle Cry Baby, "The song is all about arguing and fighting with the one person you truly love but in the end no one really wins even though you both want to be heard. I wanted the song to be upbeat even in the context. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has tested relationships to their breaking point and I wanted to show that you really can get through it together".

She is no stranger to the gigging scene growing up in wedding bands over the last 15 years but stepping out into the world of her own music has been a whole other ball game. Inspired by the events in her personal life she wants to use this creative platform as the push to let others hear her words and sound. Currently working away on her second single and EP

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