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Paul Mark O'Neill

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Paul O'Neill is the lead singer of Middlespace, a song writer, composer and producer.

Paul’s main musical influences include David Bowie, Sting; Elvis; Muse; U2; and Coldplay, as well as many classical music composers. He has a love for music, regardless of genre, and will listen to ‘anything’ once! Although his portfolio is predominantly rock, he attempts to write for all facets of music.

“I’ve always had a ‘need’ for music. Everyone should have their own soundtrack to life. I guess I wanted to compose my own! I’ve been annoying people all my life: humming a tune, making it up as I go along; singing (or screaming) the house down, while in the shower; and being the drunk who starts the infamous Irish sing-song at the end of a night. So, I simply decided to save my money, get a home recording studio, and create music I would be happy to listen to...I just hope other people would be happy to listen to it too!”

His interests outside of music include painting, running, football, history, world religions, philosophy, and traveling.

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