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Paul McCarthy

Acoustic // Galway

Singer /songwriter Paul McCarthy grew-up in Connemara on the island of Ireland’s most westerly shore. Born in London’s industrial east-end in the mid 1960’s Paul moved back to Ireland on his family’s return at the beginning of the 70’s.

“I remember it so vividly. It was the most seismic event of my life… to up sticks and move away from all that my short life had known to that point, the claustrophobic red brick and concrete jungle of East Ham, and settle (actually “unsettle” would be a more accurate description of the first couple of years) in the all imposing, awe inspiring, untamed wilderness of Connemara, it’s shoreline sculpted by the ravenous Atlantic. Jaw dropping!”

Paul’s music is loaded with such contrasts. Lilting melody, shifting rhythm, insightful lyric all combined to create dynamic compositions.

And Paul does just that with a wide variety of themes. There’s something here for everyone… birth, life, death and everything in between. War, famine, revolution, protest, fiction, folklore, sadness, glee, humour, and of course…love. Love won, lost, unrequited.