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Paul O'Neill

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Paul O’Neill

Singer, song-writer and usually the one to start a late-night sing-song in the pub!

I love music and I will find time for almost every genre there is, from rock to jazz, from heavy metal to classical music and from trance to hip hop. This is why you'll find each of my songs coming from various different genres with a large array of influences. For some songs, I've been influenced by the soft, smooth melodies and lyrics of Sting. In others, U2, Muse and even the Prodigy have been at the roots of either the lyrics or the melody.

As far back as I can remember, I always wrote poetry and was influenced by some of the great Irish poets like Patrick Kavanagh and W.B. Yeats. My mum plays the piano, so there was always music around the homestead growing up. Sometime during my late teens, my dad brought home a laptop. I immediately went out and bought a music making programme, which was predominantly for house music, and started to make instrumental tracks and record myself mixing vinyl.

My dad, never one to shy away from a microphone, was always the one to aspire to with the craic he had on stage. I was always the second one up on stage and so singing became a bigger part of my life as time went by. In early 2011, I got myself set up with a mini-home-recording studio. It took a long time to learn the system, Logic Pro, without a manual, but I think I'm getting a lot more out of the machine now, and as I pick up new tricks.

It was a dream of mine to firstly be able to make my own music, which I am so grateful for the fact that I am lucky enough to be able to do that. Secondly, I wanted to experiment with sounds, lyrics and my voice. Over the last 12 months, I have tried writing, composing and recording about a dozen songs, with the majority sitting somewhere in the rock genre. I hope you like them. It would be great to get some feedback!

It's okay to be just a number, so long as it's 'one'!