Peakin' Trippers

Bray, County Wicklow

It's been a slow and steady rise for this Bray five-piece. The last two years have been punctuated by sellout gigs, festival headliners, a chart placing and the recording of their upcoming album with one of the country's top producers -- bringing them a long way from the band who started off in school, as a handy excuse to miss the odd class.

It's a classic rock lineup, with Dave Butler's calm and collected stage manner playing the ultimate foil to Scott O'Neill -- a frontman with more energy than a caffienated puppy, responsible for the demise of several innocent tambourines. Lead guitarist Cillian Duane adds his beloved blues sound into the mix, which is reliably driven on by Shay Fogarty and Dan Smith on bass and drums.

It's rock'n'roll the old-fashioned way, music that has you skipping back to the start of each track as its end draws close, and with enough melody to occupy your mind for weeks.

Peakin' Trippers have arrived. It's time to get listening.

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