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Peter Fitzpatrick

Acoustic // Castleknock, Dublin

Peter Fitzpatrick is an Irish singer-songwriter raised on classic British pop music, American country and Irish folk music.

After more than twenty years live performance with bands in Ireland, UK and the USA Peter hit a classic midlife crisis and decided it was time to start writing songs. He believes it is cheaper and probably safer than a motorcycle…

Peter’s debut album “Other People’s Hats” is now available. It features his song “This Hometown” was a finalist in the 2012 Christie Hennessy Song Contest sponsored by the Irish Music Rights Organization IMRO.

Peter’s conversational style is in the fine tradition of the singer songwriters he admires: George Harrison, Elvis Costello and Ron Sexsmith. It is easy to see the influence of Costello in Peter’s willingness to tackle some of life’s “darker” issues, of Harrison in the dry humour of Peter’s lyrics and of Sexsmith in the way in which Peter examines the human condition.

When asked about the fact that he came to writing songs and solo live performance relatively late in life he says “Songwriting and performing is liberating. I'm not here for the money. I'm not here for the fame. I'm here to say something and see if it resonates with my audience."

"I'm here to represent the old-ternative genre and stand up for the middle-ages!”