Petri Chor

County Limerick

Petri Chor are a Limerick based 4 piece consisting of Ciarrai Kelly (Vocals) Jamie Ryan (Cello) Emmet O'Donnell (Guitar) and Liam Cialis (Percussion).

The bones of Petri Chor started in early 2011 with Ciarrai and Emmet but has now transformed into its current stature with the addition of Jamie and Liam.

The band's fanbase has been growing exponentially since its first live performance in Castletroy, Limerick earlier this year. Since finding their legs, Petri Chor have played alongside such bands as The Kanyu Tree, Soldiers Can't Dance, The Original Rudeboys and Ka Tet.
The guys are thumbed to be one of the West's most interesting up and coming original bands.

They are currently recording their debut EP.


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