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Pigeon Millers

Alternative // Dublin // Men

Irish band Pigeon Millers' debut album ‘The Onlooker’s Redemption’ is about a person who’s become a darker version of themselves & their journey to get back to being someone they recognise. It’s a journey they keep hidden from others.

To describe Pigeon Millers' music is to look at a musical saga going back many years. As lead singer Doug Sheridan explains “We’ve all been playing music since we were kids. We’re all in our early 40’s now. Between us we’ve played every type of gig from the sublime to the ridiculous. We’ve played shitty covers gigs, we’ve had failed bands etc. We play music born out of a genuine need to express something, not just ambition, as is the case with so much in life now"

Joined by Paddy Lyons (Gtr), Ed Kelly (drums) & Steve Walker (bass), all themselves songwriters & multi-instrumentalists, Pigeon Millers is a coming together of musicians yearning to create and connect with their music.

Paddy Lyons - “We kind of fell together by accident. Doug and I had a nice set as a duo but we were booked to play before a proper rock band and worried we’d pale in comparison. We kinda knew Ed & Steve from other bands and they offered to help out. We presumed it’d be ‘goodbye’ after the gig but in rehearsals we noticed there was genuine chemistry. Everyone had ideas, everyone wanted to be there. The music that came out was a result of 4 people, not just 4 instruments. This was a real band!"

Ed Kelly - “Our goal is to improve at our craft and chase down those magical accidents that can happen in music. Of course we want as many people to connect with the music as possible, as long as that comes about in the right way. In our society we’ve conditioned ourselves to monetise enjoyment or anything we’re good at. If we miss out on some streams/likes/followers because we were too busy playing our guitars, then that’s ok with us. Success is something but creating is everything”

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