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Rock // Belfast, Down

PiNKSLiPS are a hard rock band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Formed amidst the musical drought of the pandemic, songwriter Gerry Norman began working with guitarist David McGaughey on a collection of rock songs in the bowels of Vault Artist Studios. Those songs took on a life of their own with the addition of the ‘Deadly Rhythm’ of Shane Watters and Carl Gilmore in early 2021.

With a focus on high energy, riff based guitars, rhythmic groove and anthemic choruses, the band’s shared love of live music, heavy rock, and energetic performance soon set about shaping their own rock sound.

PiNKSLiPS made their live debut at Vault Artists Summer Festival in August 2022, following up with a headline show at the Look North! Festival, and a gig at the famed Oh Yeah Music Centre. The band are currently working in The Badlands Studios recording their first two singles, (releasing in 2023) and play Stendhal Festival this July.

PiNKSLiPS's current Artist Picks: