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Plague Artists

Alternative // Belfast , Antrim

Our story so far is one of passion, perseverance and an immensely talented band beginning to get its just rewards. It hasn’t happened overnight – the four-piece all live in different towns outside Belfast, but they were brought together by a shared love of grunge and a desire to push the genre as far as it can go. And their 2015 EP What Floats Like Flies is evidence of their massive potential. On those five songs you can hear the bluesy grit of Alice And Chains, the full-throated passion of Pearl Jam and the dark heart of Soundgarden, channelled via some sharp songwriting and the distinctive delivery of frontman Jamie. But there's an adventurous, technical side to these four musicians too, equally inspired by the maverick tendencies of Faith No More and the progressive spirit of Tool. When everything comes together, it makes for a potent, and immensely promising, combination.

"Noisy and assured these days, Plague Artists add to their increasingly impressive arsenal of riff-tastic would-be anthems with another four minutes of impressive noise. With the band in such form, we’re impatient for an album”
BBC Across the Line's Track for the Day