Poetic Licence.

South Dublin, County Dublin

Poetic Licence started as a side brain child for Chris (simply it began as a place for his songs to be stored) the box was titled "Poetic Licence" Where every idea was put into. Poetic Licence then moved to the forefront for Chris who was without a band and decided it was time to find out if any of the songs could work with a full band. Chris mainly known as "grandad" to the group due to his very old fashioned sayings and his bad fashion style, you will know its Chris when the question is asked "Do you think the kids will dig this?"!! In November 09 the search began..... A drummer, Trevor Bissett was first acquired to the band, the elder of the group (Sorry bud!) Trevor has some excellent ideas for the band. The only member of the group to need a million to merely survive, Trevor will surely be belting out the tunes :) Trevor was then followed by Sean Lyne who plays bass. Sean is the youngest of the band, a cheeky chappy who has so far made everyone laugh once (and only once!) Sean has some very interesting ideas, Slap bass while eating 8 oranges anyone??!! :D We have since progressed through 1 or 2 singers and finally we were introduced to Andrew O'Tuama, Andrew is a busker at heart and has been reguarly seen on a street corner near you (probably belting out his now favourite tune Buck Rogers!!) Andrew has a very distinctive voice to which we were all happy to have on board as soon as he belted out the song. So we are nearly there, work has began on all the songs. Poetic Licence is here!

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