Polar Beyond

Belfast, County Antrim

Polar beyond is a Belfast-based band who play a style of alternative atmospheric rock; music that takes a progresses through its own soundscape. 

The band have finished recording a few demos and are currently booking gigs. Following this they hope to begin recording their debut EP. 

Polar beyond was formed by two friends. Both had ideas for songs, and quickly began forming material. In ’09 the band played several one off gigs in and around Belfast supporting local bands. 
This year they have embarked on more gigs, from Belfast City Centre, across to the outskirts of Northern Ireland and all the way to South Ireland. The band are kept busy with more gigs, acoustic sets, organising a music and visual evening in an art studio, busking for charity and planning a trip to europe next year. Notably, Polar Beyond were featured on BBC Radio and the BBC Northern Ireland news for a filming a live session with bandwidth films on the roof of the Europa Hotel. 
Polar Beyond’s music is inspired by the likes of Icelandic Band Sigur Rós and many alternative rock acts. Inspiration is also taken from a range of local artists and fairly unknown acts from around the UK. Much of the music was written to an idea, or image creating a unique art form the goes further than the music itself.
We hope you enjoy the tracks...

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