Dublin, County Dublin

PortSilent is an electro-acoustic music project of musician Darius Mileris.
Darius is known as the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Lithuanian folkrock band AIRIJA (Lithuanian for Ireland), which he founded in 1992. He managed the big breakthrough with the band, which incorporated the sounds from the Irish folk fiddle. In 1995 AIRIJA was chosen as the best Lithuanian rock group of the year, they have a total of 5 albums recorded before breaking up in 2000.
Soon after in 2001 Darius moved to Ireland, where he continues to record and produce albums, performing as a solo artist under name Nojus. He released 7 solo albums to date.
Music is the way of communication with people. You want anyone to hear the words you singing, and the hope appears that those words can be helpful to someone. This musical project is my frequent escape from reality.
Acoustic darkness, sonic mist, musical magic...

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