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Pretty Epic

Acoustic // Kilcock, Kildare

Pretty Epic is an acoustic duo consisting of two members both with dramatic histories...

Cian "Ry" Dolan; engaged his intrest in music due to a back injury which prevented him from physical activity and his usual lifestyle

Richard Jane; devoted himself to music since he had a medically miraculous recovery from deafness when he was a child

The two members formed the acoustic duo Pretty Epic as a musical experiment to combine the two contrasting styles of acoustic guitar playing they both familaried themselves with. Since then they have become musically gelled and have a vast collection of songs they want to get out into the industry of music.

Despite continual pressure from music critics, studio engineers, gig hosters and fans to start using percussion and electrics within their music, the two muscians are keen on trying to stick to their roots of bare acoustics but are seriously considering a personally unwanted change of style...