Private Underground Residence

County Dublin

Private Underground Residence are Paul McNamara, Kevin Blake and John MacHale. Exploding onto the Cork scene a many moons ago, Private Underground Residence left bits and pieces of their music all over peoples suspecting and increasingly avalanched ear drums.

PUR embrace everything from various genres, and even though they're sound is unique - comparisons have been leant towards such groups as Fugazi, Slint, Battles, The Melvins and The Oxes. Refusing to put their music in a hole with pigeons, the band instead allow all it to run all over the place, picking up the strangled vibrations of genre upon genre as it moves along. On March first they released their debut album 'Dynamics of Idealism' on Resettled Records. The album is available in independent Irish record shops, and for stream or download here:

"The Most Important Irish Band Of The Year"

"...there’s plenty to recommend in Dynamics Of Idealism, the debut album of taut rock music from the Cork band which recalls Fugazi throughout its running time."-Nialler9

"Rough, smooth, melodic, cataclysmic; there’s so much to get to grips with, which makes it a bewilderingly satisfying listen."-Harmless Noise

"the record as a whole is a brooding behemoth that has been worth the long wait."

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