Public Gardens

County Limerick

Public Gardens is a Limerick artist who combines lo-fi bedroom pop melodies with glitchy, distorted and pretty electronic production. Two albums, one released via Prrrrrrr Records in Germany, and innumerable singles since the project's beginnings 2 years ago have led to over 50,000 streams across all platforms, despite having a completely hands-off approach to self-promotion, and an eclectic & experimental style drawing from everything from bedroom pop and ambient electronica to noise rock and sound collaging.

First album 'How to Build an Ocean' consisted of a collage of intricate instrumentals, moving from the catchy lo-fi house of 'Mime' - described by Nialler 9 as "pure lo-fi deadliness"- to the earworming glitter of 'Myxomatosis', and the ambient layered guitar & feedback looping of 'The Heat is Melting the Mountains'. Experimental, yet accessible enough to be released as successful singles when the initially self-released project was discovered and re-platformed by Prrrrrrr.

Follow-up 'Semaphore in Fog' moved towards a more forthright and melodic approach, with the jittering sampled piano of 'A Semblance of Order', the intimate bedroom pop of 'Undergrowth' and the hummable looping refrains of 'Stockton, Malone' leading to those singles becoming the project's most popular and accessible songs yet, without sacrificing the DIY experimentalism that keeps the whole thing interesting.


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