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Indie // Galway

“Pulse160 was a collaboration waiting to happen. The album ‘OK Life’ is rich and diverse.”

Tom Campbell, Matt Hegarty and Seamie O’Dowd put together ‘OK Life’. It is rich and diverse in its soundscape and the lyrics are thought provoking, insightful and questioning.
Tom wrote and produced all the songs on the album bar one. He is based close to the town of Ballinasloe... a mere hop skip and jump from Dublin central.

Tom and Matt already had some history together having been in a band called ‘The Nu Kelts’ when they lived in London. the Nu Kelts cultivated a strong following among Irish, New Zeland Scots and English. When it broke up they pursued separate paths but reunited and worked closely to bring the songs on this album to fruition. Matt also composed the music for one of the songs.

Seamie is a seriously accomplished artist in his own right with two solo albums under his belt. He is the multi- instrumentalist who brings unique diversity to the party.

“We have had different routes, different outlooks, different skills, but ultimately we all arrived at the junction that led to the creation of this album.” says Tom.
The hard copy CD was launched recently to great fanfare. The single ‘OK life’ is going to lead the way in the digital world. Further offerings from the 12 track album of the same name will be available very soon.

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