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Queen Bonobo

Indie // Derry

Maya Goldblum is a experimental soul artist with a voice steeped in the lyrical folk music of her native Sandpoint, Idaho. A roamer, Goldblum has travelled around the world, immersing herself in many traditions and arranging her songs for a number ensembles, from jazz quartet to voice and Irish bodhrán.

Her songs have been felt by many. In 2017, Goldblum was featured on a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers (SoFar Sounds), listened to on radio across the world (BBC, Idaho Radio), and even had enough loyal fans to crowdsource the funds to create her debut album, ‘Light Shadow/ Boom Boom;’

‘Light Shadow/ Boom Boom;’ is a collection of songs written around the world, yet arranged in the burgeoning jazz and electronic scene of Northern Ireland, where Goldblum has spent the past 2 years working and collaborating with up-and-coming artists such as jazz guitarist Joseph Leighton (Moving on Music Emerging Artist 2017), double bassist Jack Kelly (Moving on Music Emerging Artist 2018) and producer/percussionist Daryl Martin (Moving on Music Emerging Artist 2019). The result is a blend of folk, neo soul, playful yet refined jazz and experimental electronica, all merging seamlessly with one another- with Maya’s passionate voice and introspective lyrics working as the thread.

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