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Indie // Belfast, Antrim

'Quinn’s songs are fantastic, her stage presence charmingly warm, and her delivery astonishing!’ Mari Jackson, Harmony LIVE Festival Director
'There's a sense of fun without neglecting the complications of life...Quinn is well worth a listen.' Mark Reid, AER Music

Belfast local and new ‘dootdoot Music’ artist Quinn is releasing her debut single ‘Trespasser’ in July 2020.

Quinn’s strengths lie in song-writing and her main genre is indie-pop.

She has performed in many venues around the world, including touring in New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Cambridge, Manchester, Dubai, Dublin and Nashville, as well as appearing at multiple venues and events in Northern Ireland, including, but not limited to; Culture Night Belfast, Belfast Gin Festival, NI Open (event run by Niall Horan), Derry Fashion Fest, Balmoral Show COOL FM stage and many more…

Quinn has been the supporting act for Ryan McMullan, Hermitage Green, Ken Haddock, James Cottriall (The Voice, Austria winner) and has been on the bill with other local NI artists such as Rebekah Fitch, Leah McFall and LARKS.

Quinn organised a, self-funded and self-organised tour in January 2020. Playing acoustic shows in Amsterdam, Cambridge, Manchester and finishing in Dublin. The purpose of this tour was to get her music in front of people in an intimate and personal way in countries outside of Northern Ireland.

Song Meaning:
‘Trespasser’ is an experimental take on ‘Indie-pop’ and aims to be a hard-hitting message about mental health.

If you have negative thoughts that trespass on self-image, self-esteem or everyday life. Do not listen to those trespassing thoughts!

The song was written in 20 minutes of cathartic writing during a trip to Versailles in 2016 on an acoustic guitar and when taken to the studio, Michael Mormecha took it in a wild and experimental direction.

Quinn is a very personal song writer and ‘Trespasser’ is a great example of the depths of a mind that is troubled, yet poetic.

With the ‘mad genius’ production of Michael Mormeecha and the experienced ear of John Dynes, dootdoot Music, Quinn has crafted a beautifully lyrical, expressive and explosive ‘Indie-pop’ tune.

Producer: Michael Mormecha
Executive Producer: John Dynes, dootdoot Music


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