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Singer-songwriter // Tullamore, Offaly

RadAttack, is a versatile and accomplished musician. He graduated from Maynooth University with a Bachelor's degree in Music, laying the foundation for an impressive journey through the world of sound and creativity. With a dynamic range of skills and a genuine passion for music, RadAttack has established a remarkable presence in the industry.
His proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist shine through, allowing him to seamlessly traverse diverse musical genres, from the intricate complexities of jazz to the high-energy realms of rock and the infectious rhythms of pop.
During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, RadAttack utilized the opportunity to channel his creativity into his first solo endeavor. He embarked on recording his debut solo work, resulting in the release of multiple distinct pieces of music. Each single showcases a unique style, highlighting RadAttack's versatility as an artist and his determination to transcend creative boundaries.

Quote from RadAttack

There is so much amazing and profound music out in the world, and my contribution to this beautiful artform stretches through a wide variety of styles and genres. This way I’m never limited in the creative process, which enables me to treat every single piece of music as an adventure.

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