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Really Good Time

Rock // Dublin

Really Good Time are a four piece, post-crunk supergroup from Dublin. They make music that sounds like vertigo era U2 covering Viagra Boys, or early Pixies records and LCD Soundsystem mashed in a blender with a bag of cheap speed. They are a hair raising ear immolating live band, who are called Really Good Time and whose primary concern is that you have one.

Having been long time friends within Dublin's close knit music scene, when the band first began writing together there was a conscious effort made to get away from the heady, introspective, 'serious' music they had focused on in previous projects. From this brief, a set of guiding principles quickly emerged; if something isn't immediately exciting, bin it, or speed it up. If there is ever a worry that something is too cheesy/poppy or equally too weird/noisy, eliminate that worry by leaning into it. If a song doesn't feel like it would be unbelievably fun to gig, it isn't for this band.

Really Good Time have existed publicly for a little over a year, and in that time they've independently toured the UK and sold out headlines at home, building a loyal following around a live show like bottled lightning and a couple of singles and videos which have firmly established their own world of art-rock bravado, wherein it makes perfect sense for an emerging act to declare themselves the greatest band on earth, and to give their second music video a red carpet premiere at a local pub. Their last single Really Good Song was featured across Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Rock, and Hot New Bands playlists. Really Good Time are having one and emphatically wish for you to join them.

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