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Hip Hop // Drimnagh, Dublin // She/Her

Rebekah / Rebitual born in Dublin, Ireland emerged on the hip-hop scene in 2023 with her debut single Elevate. 
As I’ve delved into my spiritual path and healing almost a decade ago, I’ve become a Reiki Master.
Through the Reiki, I felt called to write and make music expressing my healing journey and all I am learning and overcoming along the way, hoping to inspire and ignite others' gifts and abilities. 

The pseudonym Rebitual was created through my birth name Rebekah and combining it with Ritual as writing and music has become that for me as a release or manifestation tool. 

I’ve recently connected with a hip hop group we call ALLSORTZ and are creating music collectively as wel as a solo career. We are performing in Galway and Cork in the coming weeks.

I have always been connected to music from a young age and always envisioned myself on stage. My dad was a musician as she was growing up called Assassins which assisted my in exposure and appreciation for the art as wel as a love of all genres, from Rock to Classical I connect to it all.

My debut performance was at the 50th Hip-Hop Anniversary in the Sugar Club, Dublin, and have performed to electric crowds in many venues after, such as The Sound House & Hendrick's Hotel.

Artists such as Alanis Morrisette, London Grammer, Micheal Jackson, Gorillaz, Kings of Leon, Little Simz, DeBussy, Erick the Architect, Iniko, En Vogue, Salt N' Peppa to name a few are where I pull my inspiration from.

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