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Rap // Dublin, Ireland, Dublin

Remedy has a sound best described as a hybrid fusion of The Prodigy and Rage Against The Machine. In essence, this band aims to act as an amplifier against injustice by making songs that appeal to the both the activist and music lover in every fan. Not content with being a standard outfit, this Dublin based three piece utilise a mix of digital beats and live instrumentation fused with a raw hip hop vocal that lyrically tackles issues on political, social, economic and cultural levels. This results in a unique and energetic sound driven by big beats and further strengthened by an intense and thought provoking vocal line throughout. Remedy consists of Ciaran Maloney (Songwriter/Producer), Adam Swords (Lead Vocals) and Robert Glynn (Bass).

The seeds of the band were planted in 2014 when Ciaran (a writer/drummer for an electronica band named Lights) and Adam (a rap artist in a group named The Elements) collaborated together on a song named Black Gold. The track quickly became a revelation when performed live and both guys soon realised that this collaboration had to become a larger project Adam and Ciaran spent the following few years refining the project by finding the correct sound and best set up. A combination of the original, raw sound, gritty image and intense live performance are what make REMEDY a band like no other on the scene right now.

The band are currently entering the finishing stages of the recording of their first album, a 10 track piece which possess a diverse arrangement of songs covering numerous subject matter guaranteed to spark the interest of its listeners. Remedy are interested in spreading [political] ideas through art, because music has the power to cross borders, to break military sieges, and to establish real dialogue.

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