Renegade Neighbour

Crossmolina/Ballycastle, County Mayo

The three boys met in their first year of secondary school in Crossmolina Co. Mayo and found that they all shared a passion for music. Shane Callaghan, vocalist and lead guitar, had been playing in another local band since he was ten. Ronan Corcoran started to learn bass in secondary school. James Sheehan had already been teaching himself how to play his older brothers drum kit so it made perfect sense for the three friends to start playing together. It wasn't long before the boys were over at each others houses covering their favorite band's songs.
Five years later and Renegade Neighbour release their first original song titled, 'Pints Of Beer'. 'Pints Of Beer' is an 'anthem for doomed youth', capturing the general feeling of a hopeless future and the craic of going out with friends.

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